In stock pressure switch F120 6BS United Electric Temperature range 0 ... 250 grad.F f120UE


In stock available high temperature steatite terminal block BM9516, BM9517 , Italy.



Analogues for: Cable GE 235A7481 P005, Cable GE 226A1071 P001, Cable GE 156A1243 P003.

Cable high voltage to the spark plug MFR 81482 59754-14400; 915B199P8 Rev B VC03442; L =12 ft (3,66м);


Differential transformer LVDT 185A1328PT8 (GM5777)

Differential transformer LVDT 185A1328PT10 (GM7725)


Servoactuator 948001 900603C1 ( SOLAR )

The vast amount of spare parts in stock! View. Download the list in PDF.

High-quality repair of equipment, including servo MOOG, Abex, HERION.

Spare poarts in stock, new, not used

Sensor 907031/20-3-15-021/000 company "Jumo" (replacing RTO73522) included with the unit BPO-32 Pt100- (100Om-138.5 ohms) and CBZ-block 16-11-0,5; 4-20 mA output

96CD pressure sensor; MODEL PT199B-1.1C (GE226A1261P010); RANGE 0-110PSIG

96FG pressure sensor; MODEL PT199S-2.5C; DYNISCO; RANGE 0-250 PSIG

Speed Sensor 70085-1010-404 (GE185A1117R004)

185A1117R008 speed sensor

Vibration Sensor 39V1,2 GE158A7476P008; mod.4033-400 firm "VITEC"

vibration sensor cable 158A7476P008; mod.4033-400 firm "VITEC" (Part № 412585-65-020 or № Part412585-65-RB)

Vibration sensor SD-052/3/105/50/2/1/213

Vibration Sensor 300-08-12-30-02 BN

The flame detector 28FD 261A1812P10; LG1093A A01; 261A1812P3;

Terminal SAK2.5

Terminal block BM-9516, CALOR ceramic Sec. 4mm (32A) single-pole

Terminal block BM-9517, CALOR ceramic Sec. 4mm (32A) bipolar

Limit switch TYP 07-1511 BARTEKC (TYP 07-1521)

Limit switch TYP 07-2511 BARTEKC (TYP 07-2521)

Limit switch 4HS4-318 "Honeywell"

Limit switch sHKPT 2/5, 250V 0,6A

Limit switch 298A530P007

flame detector module HFDM GE261A1812P2

The servo valve MODEL D077-005 REO 03689

The servo valve MODEL 77-184 GE286A6734R4

The servo valve MOD 415-1720, FLOW-10,0 GPM

The servo valve MOD 410-1488131; GE185A1891P001; "ABEX"

Valve Model NUMBER A3D02 34,111 1 00 A5; 226A1413P003; "ABEX" (replacing PILOT VALVE MODEL NO 318 708 F3DG4S4, 012A 125DC 50, "VICKERS"

Smoke detector SPD-3

Small-sized lamp socket E5.5 28V 40mA

CCS mod pressure switch. 646GEA11; 226A1706R104

CCS mod pressure switch. 646PE320; 226A1706R23

CCS mod pressure switch. 646GEA2; 226A1706P101

CCS mod pressure switch. 646GE210; 226A1706P201

CCS mod pressure switch. 646GE517; 226A1706-207

Pressure switch 63CS-1 model 675 VEJ1, 675VEM, VHE; 262A4477R009

Pressure switch 63CS-1 model 675 VEJ1, 675VEM; 262A4477R010

Pressure switch 63EA model 675DHE; 262A4477R011

Pressure switch 63ET model 675DHE; 262A4477R012

Converter MODEL 1911-1 "Dwyer"

553490245070 Relay Relay 4 PC, 24 V DC, 7A, AgN + Au (5nm)

Relay NF4EB-24V

Termovykl. 26BA-1; model 101-017002-305 (149 ° C); 243A5778P001

Termovykl. 26BA-1; model 101-017023-305 (49 ° C); 243A5778P002

fire detector 45FT (225°F); 156A1227P002

fire detector 45FT (325°F); 156A1227P003

Fire sensor 12 45FT-G27121-000-07 (450°F); 156A1227P008

fire sensor 45FT12-H27121-000-08 (600°F); 156A1227P009

Thermal 158A7444P001

Thermal 158A7444P002

Thermal 158A7444P003

Thermocouple 158A591P001 RTO63720

Thermocouple 158A591P002 RTO63719

Tr-r-0200 MFI 100/5; 150/5; 200/5; 300/5

Thermometer capillary TMSA-040-32B (-40° C ... + 40° C)

Termoctat capillary LTS-030S (-30° C ... + 30° C)

Termoctat capillary RST-320 SR (50-320° C)

UV lamp bulb P578/124

Plug MOD 108C73, RANGE 0-500PSI, SOLAR, P / N 903316C1

The spark plug SOLAR 37914-0 ARK PLOG SAC-21755B 5B-35B

184A8729-1 Spark plugs; 142B490-1

Pressure sensor STG94L-EIG-00000 MB.3D-B77A; FACTORY CAL 0 TO 125 PSI / 0 TO 8,62BAR; TEMPERATURE LIMITS (DEG C) BODI -40TO110 DEG C (-40 TO 85 DEG C); HONEYWELL

Pressure sensor STG97L-EIG-00000 MB.3D-B77A; FACTORY CAL 0 TO 1500 PSI / 0 TO 103,42BAR; TEMPERATURE LIMITS (DEG C) BODI -40TO110 DEG C (-40 TO 85 DEG); HONEYWELL

Differential pressure sensor STD924-AIA-00000 MB.3D-B77P; FACTORY CAL 0 TO 100 IN H2O (0 - 0,254kG / cm2) 39,2F / 0 TO 249,8 MBAR; TEMPERATURE LIMITS (DEG C) BODI -40TO110 DEG C (-40 TO 85 DEG); on izm.chasti inscription: BODI MDL STD924R-AI-00-00-B07P PRESS RATING 3000PSI RANGE LIMITS -20 NO 400 IN; HONEYWELL

for automation systems with high reliability requirements:

In stock thermocouple THL cable Li51YGl 2x0, 75mm2 Kf-ge NiCr-Ni ge-rt D-3,90 "MONETTE Kabel-und Elektrowerk GmbH": Working temperature: -50 deg. .... 260 degrees C Monette cable

for automation systems with high reliability requirements:

In stock Limit switch Ex BARTEC 07-1511-1-5-30/73, Ex BARTEC 07-2511-1-5-30/73


In stock Switch final EA-800 10090 (Firm NAMCO, USA), explosion-proof housing, high, gold-plated, with a standard lever EL010-53420


For applications that require flame control, fire protection systems:

Thermal (heat detector) DETECT-A-FIRE firms FENWAL. In-stock items: type 12-H27121-000-08 installation of 600 ° F/315 ° C, type 12-G27121-000-07, setting 450 ° F/232 ° C.

Fenwal series 27000

download the technical features of the 27,000 (format PDF, 100Kb, English)

thermostat (thermostat, temperature switch) firms FENWAL , high sensitivity, wide temperature range, small size, rugged housing. In stock Product Series 17000: type 101-017023-305 (contacts close when the temperature rises, the installation at 49 ° C) and type 101-017002-305 (contacts open when the temperature increases, setting at 149 ° C).


download the technical features of the 17000 (format PDF, 600Kb, English)

flame control device UKP12. Number of independent channels -2. Stable operation - up to 0,75 m from the flame (ultra-violet). The device used UV lamps Silvania, Hamamatsu.

Flame detector

For cooling and heating devices.

Capillary thermostats and thermometers firm RAINBOW ELECTRONICS for the boilers, industrial and domestic refrigeration equipment, convectors, electric water heaters, saunas, kitchen units, washing machines: capillary thermostat RST-320SR (+50 ... +320 grad.S), capillary thermostat LTS-030S (-30 ... +30 deg.C), capillary thermometer TMSA (-40 ... +40 deg.C).

termostaty Rainbow

valve TYPE 0392V1100 "NUOVO PIGNONE" RVO 25770

Клапан TYPE 0392V1100

Wholesale supply of products:

Pressure transmitter Honeywell

STG94L-EIG-00000 MB.3D-B77A ;FACTORY CAL 0 TO 125 PSI/ 0 TO 8,62BAR;TEMPERATURE LIMITS(DEG C) BODI -40TO110 DEG C (-40 TO 85 DEG C) Honeywell


STG97L-EIG-00000 MB.3D-B77A; FACTORY CAL 0 TO 1500 PSI/ 0 TO 103,42BAR;TEMPERATURE LIMITS(DEG C) BODI -40TO110 DEG C (-40 TO 85 DEG);Honeywell

STD924-AIA-00000 MB.3D-B77P; FACTORY CAL 0 TO 100 IN H2O (0 - 0,254кГ/см2) 39,2F / 0 TO 249,8 MBAR;TEMPERATURE LIMITS(DEG C) BODI -40TO110 DEG C (-40 TO 85 DEG); на изм.части надпись:BODI MDL STD924R-AI-00-00-B07P PRESS RATING 3000PSI RANGE LIMITS -20 NO 400 IN Honeywell

Pressure Reducing Regulator, FISHER (SOLAR 155638-1)

TYPE 310-32, BODY RATING 300 max inled pressure 720psi; BODY MATL: WCB STL TRAVEL 1/2 TRIM CAPACITY 50% Controled Pressure: 100-250 PSI, (fuel gas regulator SOLAR - регулятор толивного газа SOLAR 155638-1) FISHER


Self-actuated temperature regulator RT-1009 SERIES, Robertshaw

TEMPERATURE REGULATOR RT-1009 SERIES Model RT-1009-A1 Without Thermometer range : 110 F - 155 F. E90 D096 110-155 U^P ; D 1 3/4'' x 0,085'' AVE.x20' A269T ; Robertshaw


Pressure switch SP1801016P009, DELTA

type Y/310/00/С2D/2 0205 SP1801016P009 RANGE 0-15 mBar; MWP 0-5Bar differential fixed DELTA


Differential Pressure Switch, ITT BARTON

Model 291A, 0-500 mm H20 N/C ASS DWG 0327-AA01-0 MARK PDIS1-302 max .Р/р 1000 PSI HIG 0-5-10, LOW 10-5-0, pos.193 RPO29337 ITT BARTON

ITT Barton

Ex Proximity Switch, SIGMA

MAGLOCK MPS 26; 250V; 2A AC; BS4683Pt2; IEC79/1; EXDIICT6; BASSEFA N72019 A11937P001 SIGMA


Servomotor, MAGNETIC SA

TYPE DC 21CB EXCIT 30V DEBIT 0,4W, CONTR 18V 50HZ A VIDE 2700 T/M; № 1123962; ME - № 782442, №786030, №786048 MAGNETIC SA


Control relay, SERRE

M/C CVE1 ASS DWG 0327-NM05-4, 82632/1/3 110V 50Hz IRQ054070010, SERRE


Solenoid valve, LAURENCE

3309-VWA124DC - R.G.LAURENCE, 130/DC/C, 135PSI AIR - From "M", RGL. №3025-E, VENDOR CODE VC-49259 226A1501P001 LAURENCE


Level switch,

TYH E END 160mPa ~220V-1A-30VA, -150V-1A-20W, IP65, (Ex)s, EG2, T3/IIA

level switch